IT Account

Each student is provided with a LSC IT account, using a single student account to enjoy the following IT services.

n.b. The account will be deleted after graduation or leaving, and access to all IT services including the email address will be ceased.

1. WiFi Access (Student)

Students can use the school WiFi network throughout the campus

To logon, search for WiFi network "Lasallian", then enter your username and password. Each account can have a single device access.

2. Computer Logon (Student)

The account can be used to logon to Mac in the MMLC as well as PCs in the Library and Computer Rooms.

3. Google Workspace for Education (Student)

(Students can log on there with your LSC IT account with suffix

The school provide each student a Google Apps account for use during your study.

4. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (Student)

(Students can log on there with your LSC IT account with suffix

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (Student) provides powerful office automation software for use by students. You may process and present different types of information with the software provided.

Mobile devices apps can be downloaded from respective app stores, then use the school account to verify identity.

5. Managed Apple ID for education (Student)

(Students can log on there with your LSC IT account with suffix

6. eClass (Student, Parent)

Reset password procedure (Student)

Please contact the school office to verify your identity. Your password will be reset after 1 working day.

Reset password procedure (Parent)

The ITEd Department is now conducting a trial run for self-service support for your IT account (e.g. forgot password).

To faciliate this, the primary contact of parent or guardian must have 

for receiving message, registered in the school. Please complete this >> on-line form <<  for instruction.

In case the self-service support does not apply to you or you need to change your contact information:

Please submit parent consent letter to the school office (by your son). Your password will be sent after 1 working day.

N.B.: If you would like to update your primary parent registered email address, please write to the Principal.