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IT Advisory Committee


  1. To develop an IT Development Plan including policy, infrastructure, hardware, software, professional development, eLearning, teaching and learning and funding.

  2. To provide advice to the Principal and IMC as and when required.



Mr. Joseph HUI (Vice Principal)


Ms. Jennes CHAN

Mr. Samuel CHAN

Mr. Gary HO

Mr. John LAM (OBA representative)

Mr. Terry LAM

Mr. Sam LAU

Mr. LEE Yat Hong

Mr. LIU King Hang

Mr. Andrew POON

Mr. Martin WONG

Co-opted Members

Mr. Silas FONG

Mr. Trystan YANG (Secretary)


Mr. TONG Wun Sing (Principal)

IT eLearning Implementation Team


  1. To implement the IT Development Plan including eLearning developed by the IT Advisory Committee, endorsed by the IMC.

  2. To facilitate the use of IT resources in the school.

  3. To assist Panel IT and eLearning Coordinators develop IT and eLearning in their Panel.

  4. To assist teachers design and implement IT and eLearning in their classes.

  5. To assist the College review and develop effective policy and procedures for IT and eLearning in a BYOD environment.

  6. To assist the Principal plan and implement IT and eLearning professional development for all staff.

  7. To manage and maintain the College infrastructure, hardware and software day to day and year to year guided by the IT Advisor Commitee IT Development Plan.



Mr. Gary HO (IT eLearning Coordinator)


Miss Charlotte CHUNG


Mr. Samuel CHAN

Mr. Silas FONG

Mr. LEE Yat Hong

Mr. John MAK

Mr. Joseph HUI

Mr. Robert WONG

IT eLearning Panel Coordinator

  • French:
    Ms. Sabrina BOUROUGA

  • Chinese:
    Mr. Andrew POON

  • English:
    Ms. Jennes CHAN/Mr. Clarence LAW

  • Business, Accounting and Financial Studies:
    Mr. Tommy TAM

  • Science (Junior):
    Mr. Sam LAU

  • Biology:
    Mr. Sam LAU

  • Chemistry:
    Mr. Samuel CHAN

  • Geography:
    Ms. Vicky Yu

  • Chinese History:
    Mr. TSANG Wai Chung

  • Design and Technology:
    Timothy GOH

  • NCS Chinese:
    Ms. HUNG Shan Shan

  • Mathematics:
    Mr. Martin MA

  • Life and Society:
    Ms. Teresa LEE

  • Visual Art:
    Ms. Tammy FUNG

  • Economics:
    Mr. Bart YIP

  • Music:
    Mr. Alfred LAM

  • Liberal Studies (Senior):
    Ms. Teresa LEE

  • Religious Education:
    Ms. Clarice TANG

  • Physics:
    Mr. Jacky LAM

  • History:
    Alexander Constantine KOTAKIS

  • Physical Education:
    Mr. Austin FUNG

  • Putonghua:
    Ms. Kita C